Medicine is, at its core, about people. Ironically however, at times the UMAT can feel impersonal. MedStart bridges this gap by providing quality education at a personal level, tailored to an individual's needs.

During high school, Aolei probably spent the same amount of time in a maths classroom as on a cricket field... and enjoyed every minute! He loves playing soccer, but on TV he'd prefer watching a game of AFL. However perhaps the most interesting thing about him is his name: although only seven letters long it contains all five vowels and also 'y', the 'sometimes' vowel!

Talent 100 Mentor
Aolei Yu
Learning Centre
School Attended
Caringbah High School
Bachelor of Science (Adv.) and Doctor of Medicine at the University of Sydney
  • 100th Percentile UMAT, 5th in State for Maths Extension 1, Dux of Caringbah High School 2015, UNSW ICAS Science 1 Medal, 5 High Distinctions 2010‑2015, Australian Mathematics Trust Mathematics Competition: 1 Prize, 5 High Distinctions

My top 5 study tips

1Get a good night's sleep before exams so that you are well-rested and can approach the exam with a clear mind.

2Understand how you study best, for example, I found that my concentration levels peaked at night, so I made sure to study the most difficult concepts then.

3Keep a good balance between study, exercise and socialising to maintain efficiency and motivation.

4Utilise all the resources that you have access to, especially teachers.

5Have confidence in your abilities and work throughout the year: exams are not a good time to have self-doubt.

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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