Talent 100 Mentor
Sehaj Chandi
Teaching Experience
4 Years
Learning Centre
Bachelor of Science with the Degree of Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Major in Mathematics
  • Awarded Teacher Education Scholarship by NSW Department of Education (since 2018)
  • Internship at Cluey Learning ‑ Selected by Macquarie University (2018)

My top 5 study tips

1For success in all your subjects, write summary notes on a daily basis rather than just before an assessment. Read these notes regularly, making sure you understand the concepts rather than memorising them.

2Remember that effective study is not dependent on the amount of time you spend on studying. For quality study, limit all distractions and focus on one task at a time. Though the 'amount' of hours is not important, it's vital to have a study plan that you can stick to on a daily basis according to your personal learning style.

3Set aside a time during the week where you can try answering different exam style questions and past paper questions. Testing yourself on a weekly basis allows you to develop and strengthen your knowledge of concepts and makes you more confident much ahead of an assessment.

4Effective studying can only occur if you give yourself regular breaks (I recommend a short break after a 45 minute study session), by eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, enjoying with friends and family, and having a daily exercise routine that you enjoy most (such as jogging, or playing a sport).

5Remember to always set high goals for yourself and remind yourself every day that every goal is achievable if you work hard and persevere. Also remember that although success is what you are aspiring for, at times failure is also part of the learning process, and makes us work even harder to achieve our goals.

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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