Students love Talent for our supportive community

The learning environment is calm and focused, and my favourite part was the environment of the classroom which was more relaxed and engaging than a regular school classroom.

Isabel Dean ATAR 99.85 (2022)

I would describe the learning environment at Talent 100 as a friendly and community-focused one, and because of this, I would consider the best part to be the sustained enthusiasm of the Talent-100 mentors.

Brendan De Silva – ATAR 99.75 (2021)

The learning environment at Talent 100 is super accommodating; in my economics class, my mentor is always happy to go over any blind spots in our knowledge – he also gives us more resources than we could ever need. The best part is definitely the availability of feedback – it felt great to know that I could send anything, essays, practice papers, to my mentor and have in-depth feedback within a few days.

Danielle Cheung PLC (2021)

Talent-100 offers a great learning environment, which fosters productivity and a love for learning. What I feel differentiates Talent from other tutoring centres is the relationships that students build with the mentors, who are very helpful and supportive.

Hritika Ghosh – ATAR 99.25 (2021)

Studying at Talent 100 has been one of my favourite parts of Year 12. I have enjoyed coming into the Centre, which has been a welcoming and warm learning environment. The mentors offer an abundance of knowledge and advice, guiding me for the final match; the HSC.

Sukhmeet Sooch – (2020)

Mentors at Talent 100 Chatswood were extremely helpful – it was very reassuring to know someone was there to help and provide assistance anytime I needed it.

Natasha Ong – 99.95 ATAR (2020)

My HSC journey was smoother after I developed a stronger foundation taking classes in both Yr. 11 and Yr. 12. It was great assurance having mentors that supported and gave me great advice.

Sakhi Nimbalkar – ATAR 97.5 (2020)

The culture of Mentorship at Talent 100 is amazing for a student: The tutors are always willing to help with everything outside of academics as well. The resources are unparalleled in quality – I found them to be extremely thorough in relation to content. 

Gayathri Balaji – ATAR 99.2 (2019)

Talent 100 was really helpful in setting the foundation for my understanding of HSC Chemistry and Mathematics Extension 2. It was a very helpful community where the teachers would always make sure that we understood the content, which was central in improving my skills and understanding. I am really grateful to have learned so much from Talent 100!

Priscilla Way Yun – ATAR 98.65 (2019)

Congratulations to our class of 2023 for amazing results again


51 students achieved ATAR over 97


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Top band in Maths Adv | Ext


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