Subscriptions we offer

  • Year 3-6: Opportunity Class and Selective School Question banks and Mock Exams

  • Year 7-9: English and Maths programs – Stage 4 & 5 NESA Outcomes

  • Year 10: English, Maths and Science programs – Stage 5 NESA Outcomes.

  • Year 11: HSC Syllabus based classes for English (Adv), Maths (Adv, Ext), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, UCAT

  • Year 12: HSC Syllabus based classes for Maths (up to Ext II), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, UCAT

Flexible learning on demand.

Access our resources online, so you can learn on the train, at school or at home. Any time of day, anywhere you are.

COVID has changed the way we view education. Learning online has never been as easy and accessible. No matter where you are located you can access our carefully curated resources on demand. Written by subject experts, our program matches the NESA syllabus to each outcome dot point, so you cover everything you need for your exams. 

Our Digital Subscription provides access to

Syllabus based
Talent Workbooks
Syllabus based textbooks

Distribution of comprehensive hard-copy notes and exercises (which form the basis of your lessons) written by subject matter experts for the new HSC Syllabus.

Pre-recorded weekly lessons Covering Every Syllabus Dot Point
Weekly online classes covering every syllabus dot point

Weekly classes teaching the notes, in-class exercises with tutorials to supplement classes. See an example lesson below.

Homework & Learning Management System (
Homework and Extra Resources

Weekly online homework structured in an exam-style format with solutions. Completing questions is the only way you will reinforce your weekly learning.

Hundreds of Practice
Questions & Solutions
All your Questions Answered

Hundreds of past HSC and Trial papers from Sydney’s top schools for the new HSC syllabus. Practice exams and revision notes curated specifically for the new HSC.. – our proprietary Learning Management System

For any student in Years 3 – 12 in NSW

Hundreds of students from all over NSW have access our digital subscriptions – we have students from Newcastle, Wollongong, Orange, Blue Mountains, Bowral joining our program!

Need private help with the materials?

Teaching yourself off digital resources is not easy. Whilst we have tried to make everything simple and easy to understand, sometimes you need extra help to break down the materials further.

We also offer private 1-1 tutorials packages which can be purchased if you need extra support to work through the content. These are bought in packages of 3 x 1 hour tutorials and are available face to face (in our centres) or online over zoom.

Who curated Talent’s resources?

Experienced teachers, HSC markers and textbook authors

At Talent 100 all our materials have been curated by experts who intimately understand the education system. They have spent years teaching, marking and developing high school content so you know what you are learning is of the highest quality. 

Parents Can

  • Work through digital materials with students online
  • View homework solutions and help to track your child’s progress
  • Monitor learning outcomes and areas of weakness
  • Purchase additional 1 to 1 tutorials if required
  • 86% of our students achieved over 90+ ATAR in 2020
  • 95% of online students surveyed showed improvement in school results
  • Build confidence that you have covered off every syllabus dot point
  • Access tens of practice exams and trial papers so you’re ready

See what a virtual class is like

Equilibrium Solved!



FREE examples of online learning resources here

Reactions of Metals



FREE examples of online learning resources here

Talent 100 Learning Centre Locations

  • Online
  • Chatswood
  • Epping
  • Hurstville
  • Burwood
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