In the past 3 years:

41 Talent students
achieved a 99.5+ ATAR


Over 100 of our students
scored over 99 ATAR


Median ATAR over 95


State ranks in Maths, Chemistry, Economics, English

Our personalised and results-focused courses have helped more than 5,000 students achieve exceptional ATARs, and get into the top local and international universities. At Talent we celebrate the achievements of all our students in their many successes.

Honour Board

Congratulations to the following Talent students who were recognised by NESA for their high achievements.

Student testimonials from recent students

Through Talent 100, I was aiming to supplement my economics with extra resources that my school wasn’t able to provide – Talent was definitely able to help with this with plenty of sample essays, statistics, and updates on current economic news. Wherever I had trouble understanding a particular concept or style of exam question, my mentor was always available to explain it in a concise and simple way

Danielle Cheung (Pymble Ladies College)

Rather than teaching me how to just memorise formulae, my Maths mentor aimed at providing an understanding of the underlying key ideas and facts of each topic, which was not only a more effective teaching style, but it also made each lesson more engaging.

Brendan De Silva – 99.75 ATAR – St Aloysius College

It’s definitely very supportive and pushes me to challenge myself. I’d say that the best part is the friendly atmosphere.

Stephanie Zhou (Hornsby Girls High) – 99.70

The best part of the learning environment at Talent is the incredible mentors who support you no matter what and will answer any question you have whether that be related to content in studies or questions you may have about high school/university and beyond.  As they are more than teachers and are mentors and people who I am inspired by, they have really enhanced my learning experience at Talent 100.

Abhishek Jaisimha (Hurlstone Agricultural High)

Lessons were highly structured and organised, but my Mentors were more than willing to diverge from the class plan in order to answer questions, and to clarify certain concepts that were really difficult. 

Jason Lin (Knox Grammar) – 99.95 (1st in Ext 1 Maths, 4th Ext 2 Maths, 3rd Chemistry)

The courses are taught ahead of school, so I feel like I am consolidating at school.

Jessica Zhang (North Sydney Girls) – 99.70

The mentors are very friendly and welcoming, so you get to know them and build strong relationships.

Ricky Huang (North Sydney Boys) – 99.40

Talent 100 Learning Centre Locations

  • Chatswood
  • Epping
  • Hurstville
  • Burwood
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