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    Learn The Secrets Of Getting Into Medicine With Medstart

    Over 20,000 students apply for Medicine every year. Only 1,300 students will be offered places!
    Will you be one of those students?

Are you looking to get into Medicine in the next few years?
Are you preparing for the UCAT exam right now?
Do you know what it really takes to get into Medicine, what it’s like to study Medicine and what the steps are for admission to the University of your choice anywhere in Australia?

The FREE ‘Secrets Of Getting Into Medicine’ Seminar

This is one of our most popular seminars, where we share the secrets of what it takes to become a Doctor, Surgeon, Dentist or Optometrist. We also tell you how to gain entry into the medical school and profession of your choice.
The Free Secrets of Getting Into Medicine Seminar will share real-world, practical and specific advice on how to get into Medicine, including a comprehensive breakdown of the UCAT and interview process and entry requirements to all universities across Australia.


What We Will Cover

  • What is Medicine
  • How to gain entry into Medicine in all states of Australia
  • How to ace your UCAT
  • How to ace your ATAR
  • How to apply for Medicine
  • How to ace your Interview
  • When to start preparing for the UCAT
  • What it’s like to study Medicine

Learn what you need to do now

Ensure success from a 100th percentile UCAT Medical student and MedStart Mentor. Our UCAT Mentors will not only explain this process, but can also demonstrate what the UCAT is, how it’s structured and what to expect when you sit for the exam. They will also take you through a small selection of sample UCAT questions.

Seats Are Filling Fast. Don’t Miss Out!

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