Break Down Your ATAR Profile By Your Dream ATAR, University Or Career.

With Talent 100’s NEW ATAR PROFILER, we’ve thrown out the old ATAR calculator and designed an ATAR PROFILER that will answer all your questions relating to University entrance requirements and ATAR requirements in an instant to get into your dream degree and career!

It’s so simple to use, and you can save your profiler to revisit throughout the School year. You can calculate the exact HSC marks for each of your subjects you need to get into your dream degree.

No more guesswork or assumptions. We’ve done the number crunching for you!

How Do I Choose The Right Subjects

To Maximise My ATAR In My HSC?


1. Select calculate or break down your ATAR Target


2. Select break down your ATAR or a University course


3. Select your dream course


4. Select your dream university


5. Select your subjects


6. Results: Your ATAR has been analysed and translated into subject goals

1. Select calculate or break down your ATAR Target

2. Select break down your ATAR or a University course

3. Select your dream course

4. Select your dream university

5. Select your subjects

In order to maximise your ATAR, you should be acutely aware of how each of your subjects scales and adjust your studies accordingly. Most students intuitively know that easier subjects tend to scale downwards, while harder subjects like Mathematics Extension 1 & 2 tend to scale up.

At Talent 100, we’ve created a unique online ‘ATAR Profiling’ tool that will show you how to translate any ATAR into a specific mark or rank in each of your individual subjects. We call this ATAR Targeting™.

Create your own ATAR Profile with Talent 100’s most up-to-date and advanced ATAR Profiler. Learn what marks you need for each of your subjects as well as receiving historical data on the ATAR cut-off for your desired course. This includes the past 6 years of university entrance criteria!

PLUS, you can keep track of your profile by saving it and coming back later in the year to compare your score with your friends.

Use the Talent 100 ATAR Profiler to choose the subjects you want to study in the HSC to see if you will achieve the ATAR entrance score for your dream career. Talent 100’s NEW ATAR Profiler simplifies and intuitively provides all the complex calculations for you based on your chosen university and degree.


6. Results: Your ATAR has been analysed and translated into subject goals

For advice on subject selection and the HSC, book a consultation with one of Talent 100’s Specialist HSC Consultants.

How Is Your Final ATAR Calculated?

Most students roughly know that their HSC marks are calculated 50% from their school assessments (a set of 5-6 assessment tasks including half-yearly and trial examinations) and 50% from a common HSC exam paper. To succeed in the HSC, it helps to be specific.

There are in fact 6 stages to calculating your ATAR that you should be familiar with:

School assessments
are used to determine RANKINGS
HSC exam –
all students sit the common paper
determines the HSC assessment and HSC exam marks
UAC scales
each score to
a score out of
Score out of 500 determined from best 10 units
ATAR determined based on percentiles

School assessments
are used to determine RANKINGS

HSC exam –
all students sit the common paper

determines the HSC assessment and HSC exam marks

UAC scales
each score to
a score out of

Score out of 500
from best 10 units

ATAR determined based on percentiles

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

Why We Only Offer The Highest-Scaling Subjects At Talent 100

The following table summarises the scaling of each of the categories of subjects and provides some simple decision rules to help you decide what to take.

Extension 1 & 2
Maths Extension 1 & 2 are by far, the highest scaling subjects in the HSC.

Because of their high scaling, you should take the highest level of Mathematics that you are capable of. For instance, to be on target for an ATAR of 99+, you only need to be average in 4U Maths, whereas you would need to be in the top 3% of 2U Maths.

The last proviso “that you are a capable of” is very important. There is no point doing a high scaling Maths course if you cannot do it. as a general rule, you should take the highest level of Maths that your school offers you.

Anthony Morris’s article, “Mastering Mathematics”, explains exactly what level of Maths you should study and how to succeed in Maths, and gives you a question-by-question break down of the infamous Maths Ext 2 paper.

Advanced & Higher
Where possible you should take at least Advanced English.

The Ext 1 & 2 English courses scale slightly higher than Advanced. However, the higher English Subjects as a group scale well above Standard English. For instance, students who score in the top 25% of Advanced English receive scores higher than those students who score in the top 1% of Standard English.

If you are genuinely passionate about English, you should consider English Extension 1 and 2. However, from a scaling perspective alone, Ext 1 and 2 only scale slightly better than Advanced English.

Alex Borowsky’s article “Excelling in English” explains what it takes to succeed in HSC English.

Physics & Chemistry
Physics and Chemistry are the highest scaling sciences and scale significantly better than Biology, mainly because they contain a significant portion of numerical calculations.

For instance, to score an ATAR of 95, you would need to score in the top 16% of Physics and 18% of Chemistry, but you need to be in the top 8% of Biology.

Students who have fair numeracy should definitely consider taking Physics and Chemistry.

Alex Stoyanov’s Article “Succeeding in the Sciences” gives a comprehensive break down of the question types in the Physics and Chemistry exam, and what it takes to succeed.

Economics & Modern History

Humanities are generally quite subjective, meaning that it is hard to ascertain what mark you will get until you do the final exam. This means that they also tend to scale lower.

Economics is the highest scaling humanity readily available, followed by Modern History which scales appreciably lower

Ancient History, Business Studies, Commerce and Legal Studies scale even lower.

Aside from Economics, you must do exceptionally well in humanities to score equivalent marks to someone who is doing moderately well in Maths and Science.

Richard Chua and Dilshan Seneviratna’s Article “Getting the edge in Economics” provides insight into what it takes to excel in Economics.


Learn More About

The Secrets of the HSC


The Secrets of the HSC Seminar demystifies scaling and the HSC. Created by Richard Chua (Talent 100 Founder, who achieved a perfect score in his HSC) this FREE ONE HOUR seminar aims to educate students and families on the importance of approaching the HSC strategically.

Understanding scaling helps students work smarter rather than harder, reducing stress and focusing on the work that will count in the final HSC exams. Learn what it takes to achieve your desired ATAR score.


There are many places where you can get good tuition for HSC subjects. However, Talent 100 is unique in its approach to results-focused teaching and learning. The results speak for themselves with Talent 100 students topping the state every year since we were founded.

At Talent 100, we help students study smarter, not harder, in the lead up to and during their HSC. We teach you exactly what you need to know in order to score top marks, and we’ll help you be exam-ready when it counts because our course programs are designed to help you prepare for exams all year round.

We have a very strong results focus that seeks to maximise ATARs. Rather than encouraging you to devote your energy evenly across all your subjects, we show you how to allocate your time efficiently to the higher-scaling subjects that need more attention. Acing the HSC is about picking your battles, not just winning them.

Our style of teaching is highly results-focused. Our system of seminars and tutorials helps you develop a deep understanding of the concepts required. We comprehensively cover every single dot point, including practicals and research required in the sciences, which other tuition colleges skip. More importantly, our system of teaching is concise and practical. We’ll teach you exactly how to structure your responses to particular question types, with answers written by students who came first in the state in that subject. This way, you can be sure you know exactly what to write in exams to score full marks.

We help our students to dramatically improve their marks through a two-tier system of teaching.

In our in-centre, interactive small group classes, we’ll familiarise you with the key theory, focusing on building a deep conceptual understanding from first principles, rather than through memorisation. A Talent 100 Mentor (teacher or tutor) explains the theory, working through typical HSC questions, before allowing you to reinforce what you learnt with further questions.

In an interactive and personalised tutorial, a Talent 100 Mentor will provide directed and individual feedback to you (and up to three other students) if you require help with your school or Talent 100 work.

Overall, our teaching system combines the best of a competitive class environment with the personal attention and care of having a private tutor.

At Talent 100, we call all of our teachers and tutors ‘Mentors’, because they do so much more than simply teach content. They guide our students to HSC success year after year.

The Talent 100 Academic Team comprehensively understands the HSC system and how to succeed in it because almost all of our Mentors have topped the state or achieved a state rank in their area of subject matter expertise. Most have scored an ATAR above 99.85 or have achieved unparalleled academic or teaching success. Talent 100 Mentors will show you in exacting detail what it takes to succeed in each subject.

Talent 100 teachers will help you maximise your ATAR through their:

  • Outstanding academic merit – Getting the very best marks requires having detailed and specific knowledge of the HSC syllabus. Talent 100 Mentors have achieved unparalleled success in the HSC and can use their specific knowledge to help you.
  • Effective communication and strong leadership skills – This ensures the theory can be taught to you in a way you will understand.
  • Passion for teaching and improving your marks – They understand how significant your HSC is in influencing your university course options and, ultimately, your career path, so they are committed to doing whatever it takes to get you there.

Joining Talent 100 is easy. Simply:

  • Sign up for a FREE 1-WEEK TRIAL in the subject of your choice, with the Mentor of your choice, and experience the Talent 100 difference for yourself
  • OR go to our CONTACT US page and request a consultation with one of our specialist HSC Consultants.

Alternatively, call us on 1300 999 100 today to let us know what classes you wish to join.

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