Our Mission

We Simplify The Path To HSC Success and Beyond.

Our aim is to help our Students utilise their Potential So They Can Pursue Their Target Degrees And Professions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower bright, young minds to achieve their aspirations.

Accomplishing this in an increasingly challenging and competitive world requires thought leadership and constant innovation. We blend the best of a classical education with inventive breakthroughs in digital technology, delivering world-class educators, content, and peer-based learning in a dynamic, inclusive and supportive environment and learning community.
Our vision is a new approach to education. It’s a vision for students to make their talent count, by helping them ace the HSC and open doors to dream careers.

Our People

Caring environment. Caring people.

The people of Talent are the core of our Diverse and High Performance culture. We are proud of the team of top calibre and experienced educators we have built to help students achieve their goals.

The Talent 100 Leadership Team is dedicated to providing the most innovative cutting edge of educational experience available in the country today. Our agile Leadership Team works tirelessly – innovating, inventing and imagining – to create a student experience second to none.


Raising the standard of excellence in education starts with our Academic Team, which boasts some of Australia’s most respected educators.

Our team combines top-performing undergraduates with PhD academics, and highly experienced teachers. We call them ‘Mentors’ instead of teachers and tutors because they impart so much more than just content and theory.


Our Student Experience Team provides the essential face-to-face interaction with the families, parents and students that are part of the Talent 100 family. Together we are a community and want to help students become great students as well as great people as well.


Our Students

We’ve started a different conversation about education. Our students are the most important part of that.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”
– Jim Rohn

Our students are the young leaders of tomorrow, coming from an incredibly diverse array of multicultural backgrounds. Their ambitions for a successful future and to have a positive impact on the world have brought them to Talent 100. They and their families recognise that together we are challenging the status quo, changing the education conversation and simplifying the journey to HSC success.

At Talent 100, our students excel as they discover state-of-the-art spaces and learning environments in which they can engage with other likeminded students, while also experiencing a personalised approach to learning. Talent 100 students aim for top results, and they top the state year after year.

Talent 100 is almost like a second home to me as I have met many new and amazing people who have inspired me to find myself in the world. The staff are very caring and friendly and are constantly there to assist you if you have any troubles.

Janaki Kodakalla

I believe that Talent 100 is the best tutoring centre in NSW. After I came to Talent, I got top marks in my class… I guarantee that Talent 100 will not disappoint you.

Jay Cheung

I often use the analogy of swimming to explain how Talent 100 has helped me: they teach you ‘stroke correction’…how to swim more efficiently, so you swim faster and get to the end quicker

Bridie Peters

Talent 100 has really fostered my learning. Their mentors are always willing to help and the online resources were immense and allowed me to learn anywhere at any time. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Talent 100 and I will miss it a lot when I finish my HSC.

Isobel Healey

Great futures begin with great HSC results

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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