Start your 2020 UCAT Preparation now in 2019

5 Reasons To Start Your 2020 UCAT Preparation Now

The 2020 UCAT might be 9 months away, but it’s always better to prepare sooner rather than later.

When is the best time to study for the UCAT? Is often one of the biggest questions we receive from students looking to undertake medical studies at a university level. We recommend starting your UCAT tuition at least one year before you take the exam, since you will develop the skills needed to really nail those questions with ease.

Understand the question types

As a reference, the 2019 UCAT was split into 5 different sections in multiple choice format which included:

Verbal Reasoning – 44 questions

Decision Making – 29 questions

Quantitative Reasoning – 36 questions

Abstract Reasoning – 55 questions

Situational Judgement – 69 questions

Although it is an aptitude test, the UCAT is all about understanding the way in which different questions should be answered. This means that you need to understand what the outcome of the question is, and by making logical steps to try and find the best possible answer.

Learn ahead of your peers

If you start on your UCAT preparation right now, that means that you’re already already of all the other students who will be leaving it until next year. The more practice questions you answer, the easier it will be to logically work out the solutions – you’ll have time on your side during the final UCAT examination!

Unlock our question bank 1 year access

One of the biggest benefits of starting your UCAT 2020 preparation right now is that students receive access to over 10,000+ practice questions for one entire year! This means that you can supplement your Masterclass lessons with online help right from your own home!

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Inspiring UCAT/UMAT Mentors

One of the greatest benefits of our MedStart UCAT Preparation Masterclass, is that you will be taught by Mentors who have mastered the exam. They know exactly what you’re feeling, and will guide you through the sessions by giving helpful tips which will make your UCAT journey less stressful. Our classes also average 8 students so you receive truly personalised learning.

Saves you time next year

Preparing for the UCAT now (and in Year 10-11) will save you time when you finally sit it in Year 12. Your final year of school is filled the pressures of the HSC and Trial Exams, so it’s recommended that you take the time now to prepare while you have the capacity.

Especially since the UCAT is a skills-based exam (as opposed to memorisation), students won’t forget the techniques even after one year has passed since their tuition started.

Looking for UCAT 2020 Preparation in November 2019?

Our MedStart Masterclass is currently offering $150 off for group enrolments (3 or more students) who sign up together for our course starting on November 2nd. Click here to find out more about MedStart and register today to start preparing for the 2020 UCAT.

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