Year 12 Students: 5 Months Until The HSC, Time Your Run Perfectly

Attention Year 12 Students: 5 Months Until The HSC, Time Your Run Perfectly

Assessments have already been marked, returned and now we need to move onwards and upwards into the crucial term before the HSC starts.

As we get into the routine of Term 2, now is the best time to buckle down and refine those good habits which will carry you through to the HSC, which is just five short months away.

Since 2019 is the first time the new HSC Syllabus is being examine for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English, the importance of relevant practice papers and exam preparation is a crucial part of your overall success. We have compiled a few suggestions for current Year 12 students which will help to maximise their time now, and get into cruise control by the time the HSC comes along.

Prepare now, so you can rest later

Think of the HSC as training for a marathon. You don’t start training the day, week or month before the marathon and expect to come in first place. You have to pace yourself, set goals and make sure that you’re prepared and ready to go once you’re at the starting line. It takes a lot of time, sacrifice and dedication to make sure that you’ve developed the necessary skills to succeed. At Talent, that’s the same way we look at the HSC!

Make sure that you’re feeling confident and prepared with the help of our FREE 2 Week Trial in our Year 12 courses re-commencing this week.

Click here to sign up now, or call our Student Services team on 1300 999 100 to reserve your seat for Term 2.

Don’t neglect your other hobbies

We often tell our students that getting a good ATAR isn’t all about blocking out your entire social life and dedicating yourself to studying. If anything, you should study smarter, not harder and gain a competitive advantage. Just because you have studied all day long, doesn’t mean you retained more information compared to someone who studied throughout the day with breaks, or someone who treated themselves by seeing friends.

One of the most important things that we talk about in our Free HSC Seminars is that life is all about balance. It’s important to take regular breaks from study, so your mind and body can relax and re-fuel. We suggest taking part in a group sport, exercising regularly or having hobbies outside of school which will help to bring some balance to your everyday routine. Try it and see if it will benefit your study schedule!

Study with a friend 

Many of our students here at Talent benefit from having a study buddy.

This is a great alternative since you can bounce ideas off of each other, help to refine the way in which you communicate ideas in your essays, and you can also provide feedback. Plus, it’s actually easier to commit to study sessions with a friend since you have someone to rely on (and in return, they rely on you) to hold them accountable, and show up and give it your all.

Feel like you need some extra help, and will benefit from marked homework by our 99.95+ Mentors?

Our Year 12 Program here at Talent 100 uniquely offers all students four 1-on-1 tutorials each term, to work through and improve on any areas of weakness or misunderstanding. These personal tutorials are designed to answer any difficult questions students are stuck on, and other problem areas where they can get that attention from a tutor.

Our marked homework, online resources and practice papers ensure that you feel fully prepared and confident walking into the HSC exam in October.

Address your weaknesses

Now that your assessments from Term 1 have been marked and returned, we suggest taking the time now to reassess your areas of weakness. Read through the feedback your teacher has provided, and don’t feel shy asking them how you can better improve before the next assessment.

Rather than spending time revising on subjects which you’re confident in, we suggest taking the time to reassess your areas of weakness, now that the assessments from Term 1 have been marked. Read through the feedback your teacher has provided, and if possible, ask them to talk you through the steps and realise how you can better improve these areas before the next examination.

Disappointed in the results from your Term 1 Assessments, and want to increase your marks before the Trial Exams? Our personalised program at Talent 100 offers 1-on-1 tutorials for all Year 12 students so they can address their specific areas of weakness.

Time is running out

Blink and you’ll miss it, the next five months before the HSC will be over before you know it! Make use of the time you have now to take action and impact the results of your HSC.

The best part about studying at Talent in your final year of high school is that all new syllabus theory is taught thoroughly and completed by 18th August (before your Trials). Not all schools will finish Module 8 by August, and we want to ensure that you have the content completely covered.

We also offer a comprehensive 6 week Exam Preparation Course (EXP) leading into the HSC to perfect your exam technique.

What’s the Talent 100 Exam Excellence Program?

Up to 10 weeks of HSC mock exams and reviews, our program will help you test, uncover and eliminate any weaknesses in exam-style conditions.

The Exam Excellence Program (EXP) is an innovative exam preparation program designed for Year 12 students. This program helps students to consolidate their subject-matter understanding, and perfect their examination technique so that they can perform at their best in their trials and HSC (collectively accounts for 70% of their overall HSC mark).

EXP gives students an opportunity to refine their exam techniques under HSC-style exam techniques under HSC-style exam conditions and ensure that they don’t lose any unnecessary marks due to:

  • Exam pressure
  • Lack of exam-style and questions exposure
  • Poor time management
  • Careless mistakes
  • Being blindsided by a difficult question

For students who wish to complete the entire course earlier, we also offer our acceleration Fast Forward courses in the July School Holidays, meaning you will complete the theoretical component of the course by the end of July.

Get ahead and avoid stress

Have you ever skimmed through the questions during reading time and have felt completely bamboozled with how to answer them? Prepare today for the HSC and make sure that you have more than enough time to study the syllabus from top to bottom, from inside out.

That’s why we offer our Fast Forward Acceleration courses for those eager students who want to learn ahead! All HSC content is covered by July 21st, giving you enough time to revise everything before the Trial Exams.

Don’t forget about English

English is the only compulsory examination for all students sitting for the HSC, and therefore will count towards your final ATAR mark. What we’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t forget about studying just as hard for English as your other subjects, since it will always contribute to your final ATAR score.

Due to the success of our Creative Writing and Essay Writing Workshops in the April School Holidays, we’ll be running them again for students during the July School Holidays. Taught by our Head of English Dr Jenny Wells, these workshops will help to further refine your skills and elevate your writing style.

Free seminars and additional resources

We are also running two exciting free seminars for Year 12 Students in Term 2:

Click here reserve your free seat for Finance & Law, and here for Medicine!

Visit our learning centres across Sydney to find out more:

Burwood: Level 1/52 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134

Chatswood: Level 5, North Tower, 1-5 Railway Street Chatswood NSW 2067

Epping: Shop 24 and Shop 20 (Upper Ground), 74 Rawson Street Epping NSW 2121

Hurstville: Level 3, 12 Butler Road Hurstville NSW 2220

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