The benefits of school holiday acceleration classes

What's The Benefit Of Fast Forward Holiday Classes?

Want to learn a complete school module in just 4 days?

In a typical Talent 100 termly class, Mentors will spend 2.5 hours a week going through the theory and 30 minutes on the quiz and homework. At the end of each module, students take an examination and review totalling to 6 hours during the term. Hence, a typical ten week term is comprised of about 24 hours of theory, and 10 hours of examination and homework review:

What's Are The Benefits Of Fast Forward Holiday Classes?

Fast Forward students will study the theory booklets of the course in the holidays and may elect to take the topic examination and review week with the regular Term Course program. These students then use the term to revise the content a second time.

What are the benefits of the Fast Forward Program?

Flexibility and Time Management

A major benefit of the Fast Forward program is that it frees up a student’s time during the term. By investing time in the holidays to study the course, the student reduces their weekly time commitment during the term.

This is a particular advantage for students in Year 11 & 12 who ‘drop everything’ to study for assessments that directly count towards their HSC; who are doing two or three subjects at Talent 100; and students who have extra curricular activities during the school term.

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Efficient and structured learning in the holidays

The Fast Forward Program helps students utilise their free time in the holidays effectively and in a structured and enjoyable learning environment. Getting ahead in class. Finally, the Fast Forward Program allows students to learn ahead of class, and gain a competitive advantage on their peers.

Because we cover all syllabus dot points to a full marks standard, students who attend the Fast Forward program will have covered the entire term’s worth of work before their first day at school. This means they will have a greater understanding of what the teacher is talking about and be familiar with how to do the typical questions. This second-time advantage is important, because when a student is covering the material for the second time, they will find it much easier to score the top marks. Many of our most successful students have done the Fast Forward Programs, and often remark that they can correct subtle errors that their teachers have made.

Who can enrol in the Fast Forward program?

The Fast Forward Program is for any student who is:

Doing multiple subjects at Talent 100, as it will reduce their weekly commitment from 9 hours (which can be excessive when school is busy) to approximately 6 hours.

Prepared and motivated to invest their time in the holidays in order to advance their learning. In contrast, students who feel they will ‘forget’ the information, may benefit more from doing the class on a regular weekly basis as well to learn the theory and revise during the term.

Enrolments are open now for our Fast Forward Courses in the April School Holidays:

Module 7: Mathematics Extension 1

Tuesday 23rd April – Saturday 27th April (10am-5pm)

Topics Covered: Related Rates of Change, Exponential Growth and Decay, Motion in a Straight Line, Projectile & Simple Harmonic Motion, Binomial Theorem

Module 7: Chemistry

Monday 15th April – Thursday 18th April (10am-5pm)

Topics Covered: Organic Chemistry I – VI, Organic Chemistry: Practicals & Data Processing, Organic Chemistry Revision

Module 7: Physics

Tuesday 23rd April – Saturday 27th April (10am-5pm)

Topics Covered: The Nature of Light I – VI, The Nature of Light: Practicals & Data Processing, The Nature of Light Revision

Click here for more information about our April Fast Forward Courses for Year 12, as well as information on how to enrol and secure your position at Talent 100.

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