Dinuki's Tips For Acing HSC Advanced English

I really enjoy engaging with forms of writing which are outside of the traditional essay writing format which takes up most of Advanced English as a subject at the secondary level. 

Meet our Talent 100 Advanced English Mentor, Dinuki!

Alma Mater:

Bethany College


Currently studying Bachelor of Arts / Education at the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Can you share a bit about your high school experience? (Prepping for HSC, favourite subjects, etc)

My favourite subjects throughout my Senior years were English, Economics and Modern History.

I really enjoyed the topics I was studying in those subjects, and that always kept me motivated to continue learning and perfecting my skills in those areas. These subjects really opened my eyes to so many different topics and ideas – ranging from human nature to ethics to historical remembrance and more!

What did you enjoy most about English in high school?

What I enjoyed most about English throughout high school was the variety of texts I was exposed to, which opened my eyes to the many different ways we can enjoy and learn about English as a language. 

What are some of your favourite topics/texts to teach in HSC English

My favourite topic and text to teach at HSC level are Module C: The Craft of Writing (which is all about imaginative, creative and discursive writing), Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” and anything Shakespearean.

I really enjoy engaging with forms of writing which are outside of the traditional essay writing format which takes up most of English as a subject at the secondary level. 

What is your best study tip for Advanced English? 

My best study tip for Advanced English is to keep practising your writing as often as you can. As you continue to practise, you can develop a unique style of writing and personalised writing techniques that genuinely work best for you!

What inspired you to teach at Talent 100?

What first drew me to Talent 100 was the unique teaching method and model, and how well structured and considered every course is.

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As an aspiring teacher, I have learned a lot about structuring lessons and how to adapt my own teaching methods for students in new and engaging ways through working at Talent 100.

Could you outline some of your main tips on writing a Band 6 English essay?

My number one tip for writing a Band 6 English essay is to write a proper outline or draft before diving in. Having a rough plan in place which you can refer to, especially under exam conditions, is a crucial back-up plan!

Always make sure that your essay answers the question, and isn’t just about regurgitating factual information about your essay topic.

Another tip for writing a good essay is figuring out your essay structure, and factoring in the specifics of the question when doing so. Following the PETAL, PEEAL or TEEAL formats are a great way of ensuring your essays are logically structured, easy to follow and addresses all the elements a Band 6 analytical essay needs to include.

Lastly, always have an opinion! Markers want to know what you think. They want to see that you can respond to the given question with your own original ideas and present these ideas with proper justification and analysis.

Can you share some of your study tips for students sitting the HSC this year?

Break larger tasks down into smaller chunks and work on them step-by-step.

Make sure you have a solid understanding of the basic principles or foundations of any topic before moving to extension tasks.

Make sure to review and revise your work regularly.

Minimise distractions as much as possible during study time.

Take a break occasionally, and come back to your work with a fresh mind and attitude.

What are you studying in University, and what do you want to pursue afterwards?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Secondary Education, focusing on English and Modern History and am hoping to pursue a career in teaching those subjects in the future. 

What’s something people might not know about you?

Something people might not know about me is that I love to swim! I’ve trained as a swimmer since I was 5 years old, and continued all the way through high school, and have competed in-school and at clubs, though I swim casually now. My one weakness is actually a fear of diving from large heights, and although most of my swimmer friends might find it unpopular, I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of endurance training!

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