Are you a self-described Introvert?

How Education Helped Introverts Rule The World

Many think that children don’t have very developed personalities and a sense of the world at a young age

And it is true, to an extent.

However, our personalities start being very active from very early on in the developmental process. You can see if a child is stubborn, active and extroverted or introverted. Introverts have a hard time becoming part of a certain environment or a group of people. However, this doesn’t stop them or their progress. This is something we are going to talk about today, how even introverted children can become very successful thanks to education.

Introverts are great listeners and observers

Have you ever heard that you can learn a lot by just listening or observing? Well, introverts have mastered these skills. Many of them don’t feel afraid or ashamed to talk or act, they just feel more comfortable being passive. This has its benefits as well. You get to learn from other peoples mistakes, successes, or simply copy and apply certain skills, on your own. Being a good listener and an observer are great skills for certain careers as well. These children can grow up to be great psychologists or behaviouralists since they spend a lot of time observing other people’s behaviour. Not to mention how great it is to have a friend like that because they will be supportive and give good advice.

Introverts are independent and self-taught

It is in every introvert’s nature to be independent and self-taught, and by this, we don’t mean learning away from school.At a young age, kids like this will rarely ask for help from a teacher. If they feel shy, they will find some other way to overcome the barrier and make the most of their learning process. This all will make them into a strong person. If needed, introverts are better off getting HSC Chemistry notes, for example, than being forced to work in class in front of a bigger group. All of this has positive effects because once a person learns and understands something on their own, there is less chance they will forget it. Later in life, you will certainly be in a situation where you have to be independent, and this is how introverts manage to be successful.

Introverts become the most amazing artists and emotional beings

When you think about it, how many artists, either singers, writers or painters you know enjoy solitude. Probably a lot, and it is for good reason. Introverts like spending time alone, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are lonely. They just enjoy their own company doing something they love. In most cases, great creativity is born this way. It is in one of those moments of isolation that inspiration comes, and great works of art come to life. Those are the people who change the world by writing a groundbreaking book or creating music that helps other people and makes them happy. However, many more jobs carry the need for creativity. Designers, either fashion or interior, hairdressers, commercial makers and so much more. It is no wonder then, how introverts help make this world a better place.

Introverts are successful bosses

Ever since group projects in school, introverts learned how to let other people have their own opinion and how to express it, together with their ideas. They are less likely to take all the credit and do the job on their own, even if they enjoy their independence. These make great qualities for a boss or any other high job position that delegates work below them. When an introvert is your boss, you will not feel marginalised, and your ideas and proposals will not be cast aside. This creates a healthy woking environment where everyone can become even more successful. Besides, introverts create more meaningful connections with their employees, they do the job thoroughly because they are motivated by productivity and creativity, not by power and money.

Introverts help technological progress

Chances are that a person who created delivery apps or different chat rooms was an introvert. They are not particularly chatty, so they will avoid too much of any contact. Instead, they will spend time online. Now, don’t jump to conclusions and think that this is not beneficial. You can learn a lot online too, find a group of people who play the same game as you and make friends easier than you would, and can even use the creativity to make websites, be a developer or an IT expert. So, the next time you think about introverts losing time online, have this in mind.

Being an introvert is definitely not easy. However, education is one of the many way introverts use their nature to do and achieve great things. When you think about that, you will realise it’s not as bad as being an introvert because it comes with many benefits as well.

Written by Isabel Frank William. Find out more about her by clicking here

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