Talent 100 Year 12 2019 Results

Congratulations to all of our Year 12 Students who sat the HSC this year

Your hard work and diligence has definitely paid off, and you should all be proud of your outstanding ATAR and subject results!

Take a look at a snapshot of results for Year 12 2019, where over 400 of our Talent students sat the HSC:

71% of Talent students achieved achieved a Band 6 | E4 result in at least one HSC subject

25 Talent students achieved an ATAR above 99

52% of Talent students achieved an ATAR above 95

87% of Talent students achieved an ATAR above 90

42 Talent students were on the 2019 HSC Honour Roll


In addition, we want to shine some light on a few of our students who excelled in the 2019 HSC Examinations:

Daniel Monteiro (HSC State Ranker, All Rounder, Top Achiever, Distinguished Achiever)

ATAR: 99.85

State Ranker: Science Extension (5th), Physics (8th)

This isn’t the last that you’ll see from Daniel! He will also be a Mentor at our Talent 100 Epping Campus in 2020.


Natasha Ong (HSC State Ranker)

Advanced Mathematics (1st)


Farah Maudud (All Rounder and Distinguished Achiever)

ATAR: 99.45

Mel Shishido (All Rounder and Distinguished Achiever)

ATAR: 99.25

Mel will be a Tutor at our Chatswood branch in 2020.

Are you an HSC student looking to make your talent count, and boost your ATAR in 2020?

The Talent 100 Team includes some of the brightest minds in Australia in their fields, and is dedicated to providing the most innovative educational experience available to students today.

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