Year 11 Chemistry class is now in session

Introducing The Talent Teaching Series: Preliminary Chemistry

Focusing on Module 3: Metal Activity Series and Displacement Reactions

We’re excited to announce our brand new Talent Teaching Series for Preliminary Chemistry. Hosted by our Talent 100 Academic Director Dr Nikhil Vasan, we’re going to break down a few of the most important topics for each section of Module 3: Metal Activity Series and Displacement Reactions for Preliminary Chemistry (Year 11).

Take a look at the following videos below, and don’t forget to tell us what you want to see in our next series for Year 11 Preliminary Chemistry! Videos will always drop first on our HSC Chemistry Discussion Group (2020), click here to join us today and participate in the conversation in the lead-up to the HSC.

Main types of Chemical Reactions

In our very first video, we’re going to show you how to split up equations into 4 main types, to make them easier to understand.

pH of Acids and Bases

We’re going to discuss pH – which you’ve probably heard of before in relation to acids and bases, but we’re going to look at exactly what it is, and how to calculate it.

Making and Breaking Bonds

Join us as we discuss why some reactions result in giant explosions, but other reactions cause objects around them to freeze – it call comes down to chemistry!

Redox Reactions

Hosted by our Academic Director, Dr Nikhil Vasan we’re going to take a closer look at Redox Reactions.

Oxidation States

Explore the difficult topic of Oxidation States, and show you a really easy rule to remember the rules of Redox.

Reactions of Metals

Having some trouble with this particular topic of Module 3 Preliminary Chemistry? Nikhil will show you an easier way to remember how metals react with various different substances.

Metal Activity Series and Displacement Reactions

In our final video of the Talent Teaching Series: Preliminary Chemistry, we’re going to show you why no two metals are the same.

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