How to keep productivity high during holidays

How To Keep Motivated During The School Holidays

Is there a way to enjoy the school holidays wisely, so you can have enough time to study and relax without feeling overworked?

One of the biggest questions we’re often asked at Talent 100 is always ‘How much should I study over the school holidays?’

This answer depends upon a number of reasons, but it’s best to identify what exactly you want to achieve from the study sessions before committing to them. Do you want to practice with some past papers, revise an entire module before the next term starts, or simply update your notes from previous term? Regardless of what you want to achieve during the break, here are a few tips we provide to our students about keeping motivated during the school holidays:

Plan out your holidays

The weekend before the holidays begin is the best time to sit down and plan exactly what you want your break to look like. The April School Holidays are 2 weeks long, and this will give you more than enough time to revise and have some down-time with friends and family before school starts up again for Term 2.

Bullet journals are a great way to map out your break and generally keep yourself organised throughout the term since they’re so customisable. We recommend creating a daily schedule which accounts for your time, leaving in enough space for study, rest and relaxation.

Focus on particular subjects

Feel like you’re falling behind in one of your subjects and need to refresh the course before Term 2 starts? Take this opportunity to focus more on the subjects that you need to improve on. If applicable, devote some time to your major works which need to be handed-in well before the written HSC exams commence. Take this time and really map out how much of your workload can be completed, and the best way to make it all work for you in the school holidays

Ask for help from your teachers

If you’re feeling stuck on a particular topic in one of your subjects, now is the best time to ask your teachers for some additional assistance. Don’t leave it until the last minute – start asking them now if they’re free to catch up during the April School Holidays since it is also the Easter break. You might be able to arrange a Skype meeting if they’re unable to meet at school, or simply have something clarified over email.

Before school ends for the break, don’t be afraid to also ask for more exercises and practice exams which you can revise over the April School Holidays.

Don’t overwork yourself (or over-commit)

Just as you might not want to over-study during the holidays, it’s important not to over-commit to social obligations which might end up burning you out. Don’t over-exert yourself, make time for the crucial things and don’t forget to pencil in some rest and relaxation into your schedule.

Be realistic about your expectations 

Just because you intend to study everyday during the break, doesn’t mean that this will happen!

You should see how much time you can devote to studying and accept that sometimes unplanned events will happen and you need to rest!

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Stay motivated with a study buddy 

Having a study buddy is a great option for the holidays because you will be more likely to commit to your study sessions, and you can also bounce ideas off of each other. Be selective about the types of subjects you will use with a study buddy: we recommend mathematics, history and languages where you can help each other understand the concepts and ideas without leaving the table with the same exact way of expressing an idea in an essay. Try it and see which subjects work for you!

If you prefer solo study, take it outside or to a new location where you can make the most of the school holidays. Find a quiet café, a park, or simply visit another library that’s out of your area which will make the day a little more exciting.

Eat well and get enough rest

Don’t forget to nourish your body from the inside out and get plenty of rest. Not only is this good for your overall health, but keeping a healthy diet will allow you to focus more and make the most out of your study sessions. Allowing you to study wiser, and not waste precious time over the holidays. Need some ideas on what to eat? Click here for our blog post here for some tips and tricks which work for our Talent 100 students.

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How To Keep Motivated During The School Holidays

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