Meet our Talent 100 Student: Jason

Meet our Talent 100 Student: Jason

While you’re usually used to our staff and mentor blogs, we’ve decided to flip the switch so you can find out more about the students who study at Talent 100.

We can share their unique personalities and passions both in and outside of our classrooms.

This week we’ve been chatting to Jason who is currently in Year 12 and studies at our Chatswood Learning Centre.



Which Year 12 courses are you taking at Talent 100?

Physics and Chemistry

How would you describe our Chatswood campus?

It’s very effective and accessible. It’s very spacious and quite quiet as well, so it has allowed me to study and focus. 

How are you finding the quality of courses at Talent 100?

The courses at Talent have been extremely engaging and effective. They’ve definitely helped me a lot with my studies and aided me with my exams.

Can you describe the homework you receive at Talent 100?

I think the quality of the homework and notes are really good, and they set an extremely high standard. They’re really relevant to the syllabus.

What’s your favourite part of the courses at Talent 100?

My favourite part of the courses have been the exams and the homework that is set. This gave me some really valuable feedback, especially through the marking.

How has Talent 100 contributed to your overall academic journey?

The best part is the reassurance that you receive. Even if you forget something in class, or you weren’t paying attention, there’s always an extra class throughout the week so you can catch up and ask questions. 

Looking to boost your marks this term?

Join our community at Talent 100! We have online classes, and also face-to-face lessons at Chatswood, Epping, Hurstville, Burwood and Sydney CBD.

We can also create school-specific classes for students in Year 11 and 12! Click here to find out more about us, or call us directly on 1300 999 100 for more information.

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