Meet our Talent 100 Student: Sukhmeet

While you’re usually used to our staff and mentor blogs, we’ve decided to flip the switch so you can find out more about the students who actually study at Talent 100.

We can share their unique personalities and passions both in and outside of our classrooms.

This week we’ve been chatting to Sukhmeet who is currently in Year 12 and studies at our Hurstville Learning Centre.



Which Talent 100 centre do you study in?


When did you join Talent 100?

At the end of  last year (Term 4, 2019)

Which year are you currently in?

Year 12

Subjects taken at Talent 100:

Economics, Biology and Advanced English

What’s the best part about studying at Talent 100?

Studying at Talent 100 has been one of my favourite parts of Year 12. I have enjoyed coming into the Centre, which has been a welcoming and warm learning environment. The mentors offer an abundance of knowledge and advice, guiding me for the final match; the HSC.

Have you tried our holiday programs? If so, how did they benefit your learning?

During my time at Talent 100, I completed the Year 12 Biology HSC Trial Preparation class and the Essay Writing Economics Workshop. They were really worthwhile and immensely assisted me in making my notes more concise and applying my knowledge within an exam situation. Talent 100’s holiday programs helped in boosting my confidence and preparing me for my exams.

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Can you share your number one study tip?

My number one study tip is my three P’s: Productive, Proactive and Persistent.

  1. Work hard and do past papers to test your knowledge to ensure productivity and train yourself for the final match
  2. Be proactive with your learning. Take the feedback from assessments on board and improve with this.
  3. Do not let a poor mark stop you from consistently working hard. t will be worth it in the end.

What piece of advice would you give to other students?

Hard work pays off. Consistently work hard. Every assessment is a learning experience to grow from. Take it on board and make sure to utilise these opportunities to enhance your content knowledge and exam technique.

What are your career aspirations after completing high school?

I aspire to go into the field of Applied Sciences at University. I enjoy working with people and interacting with others. Ideally, I would love to work with children as an occupational therapist given my childcare background.

What’s your hidden talent/something we might not know about you?

I have completed my Certificate III in Early Childhood which I undertook during 2018. I completed it in 6 months for which I was a nominee of the State Award. I am also enrolled to complete my Diploma in Early Childhood and Care by 2022.

If you could describe Talent in one word, what would it be?


Looking to boost your marks this term?

Join our community at Talent 100! We have online classes, and also face-to-face lessons at Chatswood, Epping, Hurstville, Burwood and Sydney CBD.

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