Meet Your Talent 100 Mentor: Nga Nguyen

Nga Nguyen

Here at Talent we’ve amassed a variety of Mentors which have taught and encouraged our students throughout the years – guiding them through high school and the HSC.

We call our teachers and tutors ‘Mentors’ because they deliver more than simply theory. Talent 100 Mentors are all outstanding achievers, but it’s their passion for teaching and mentoring which matters most. Whilst an exceptional academic record is a must, our Mentors are also chosen for their ability to work with students of all levels and provide the pastoral guidance for future success.

Not only do we want to give thanks to these Mentors who have enriched the lives of many at Talent, but want to share their unique personalities and passions while also inspiring the next generation of high school students to strive for their best.


Nga Nguyen



Alma Mater: 

Sydney Girls High School


Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney (Dalyell Scholar)


P&C Prize for 1st in HSC Biology at Sydney Girls High School

Rhonda Scalan award for 1st place in Preliminary English Advanced at Sydney Girls High School

HSC All Rounders, HSC High Achiever for all HSC courses undertaken

Winner of the 2018 Australian Junior Water Prize and chosen to represent Australia at the Stockholm International Junior Water Prize

1st place for Investigations at the 2018 BHP Billiton National Science and Engineering Awards

Finalist at the 2018 International Science and Engineering Fair

2nd place for Biology at the 2017 STANSW Young Scientist awards

4th place Grand Ward at the 2016 International Science and Engineering Fair

1st place for the Environmental science at the 2015 STANSW Young Scientist

Subjects taught at Talent:

HSC Biology, Preliminary Chemistry

Nga’s Top 5 Study Tips:

Always try to sleep an adequate amount every night – a few hours can make all the difference for your concentration and memory.

Take a short 5 minute walk when you feel stressed or tired, to clear your mind and make your upcoming study session more productive.

The cliche of teaching is the best form of learning does hold true. Try explaining things you have learnt to your family or friends, to see what areas of your knowledge still need further revision.

A whiteboard can make a great study tool. Sometimes drawing things out on a larger scale can help you visualise and understand concepts and processes much easier.

Never cram! Plan ahead your study schedule, make use of space repetition apps such as Anki, and try to write your notes as you go along.

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