Talent 100 Mentor
Erik Pedersen
Teaching Experience
3 Years
Learning Centre
School Attended
Smiths Hill High School
Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) at the University of New South Wales

My top 5 study tips

1Practice problems are your best friend. When it comes to most subjects you are studying, applying what you know to answer questions helps identify weak points in your knowledge, allows you to practice the skills learnt, and helps you answer questions under exam conditions.

2Procrastinating studying or doing an assignment often comes from not knowing clearly what you want to do. Force yourself to make a plan and have a rough sketch of what you want to do will allow you to properly pace yourself and finally cut out the procrastination!

3Do not be afraid to ask questions! Even if you know the process of something, for instance doing a particular problem in mathematics, but you are unsure of whether you understand what you are doing or not, it is sometimes best to just ask and help build the intuition and understanding that can be used in the future.

4Don't burn yourself out. Even when doing your favorite subject, something you are most passionate about, you may find yourself getting frustrated or stressed about things. In this case, it is wise to move onto something else for a while (other subjects, hobbies) to clear your mind and come back when you can better pace yourself.

5Start study and assignments as soon as is possible. Building habits, absorbing and understanding all content early on definitely helps in the long run, with the added benefit of allowing more time to complete things by starting long before the due date.

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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