Talent 100 Mentor
Harvey Liu
Teaching Experience
6 Years
Learning Centre
School Attended
Baulkham Hills High School
Masters of Creative Writing, University of Sydney
Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney

My top 5 study tips

1Have confidence and try your best in every task!

2Read widely and extensively, especially in junior years. Having a holistic understanding of literature is immensely helpful in senior English.

3Never throw away old exams or draft essays, no matter how bad you think they are! The best essays aren't written in one try, they are the result of constant revisions and improvements of your previous work.

4Read marking guidelines carefully and ask yourself if you are meeting them. Markers follow these guidelines very closely - and it's not as subjective as some students think.

5Study with friends! Share your creative ideas, proofread each others' drafts and keep each other accountable.

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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