Talent 100 Mentor
Karisse Khoupongsy
Learning Centre
School Attended
John Edmondson High School
Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) / Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at UNSW
  • Dux of School, John Edmondson High School 2022
  • 2021 NSW Premier Debating Competition and Winner of Anne Stanley Debating Award

My top 5 study tips

1For common questions, pay attention to the marking criteria (very similar things come up every time)

2Quality > quantity (eg. quality of study > quantity)(eg. quality of practice questions and papers > quantity)

3If you can't focus on the work, do something else to reset before coming back to it (eg. work on another subject, call a friend, take a shower)

4Learn to manage stress and emotions earlier in the year (super hard to do during your HSC for the first time)

5Do lots of practice questions as you learn the content (makes revising so much easier)

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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