Tips on how to get a Band 6 in HSC Biology

How To Study For The HSC Biology Exam

With the HSC Examinations just around the corner, we tackle some of the most popular queries students like you have.

One of which we see year after year is how to study better for the Biology HSC Exam – and with good reason! Biology is one of those subjects where there’s so much content to learn, including theories and processes as well.

We show you how you can maximise your time and get a Band 6 in HSC Biology:

Start from the syllabus

The Biology Syllabus from NESA should be your bible – it will tell you everything you need to know, including all the content you need to cover throughout the year. When in doubt, always cross reference everything with the content available in the HSC Biology Syllabus. Keep a close eye on the syllabus, and don’t try to over analyse all of the dot points either.

Revise the topics that are most difficult

Rather than focusing on the topics that you have already mastered, dedicate more of your time to those which need a little extra TLC.

Make time to revise after each week when the content is fresh in your mind, so it’s easier to pick to up in a few weeks time to revise.

Start using past papers 

Break up your study sessions and use past papers so you know the format to expect from the HSC. Dedicate a week to each past paper, time yourself using exam conditions and make sure that you review the answers at the end to see how you square up. Repetition is one of the best ways to get into the habit of knowing what to expect from the 2019 HSC Biology exam, and make sure to understand exactly what you’re getting out of it!

Use external resources

Online videos are a great way to learn theories in a fun and innovative way. There are many different videos available on both YouTube and Instagram (specifically IGTV) which are educational, and help to explain each and every part of a topic in a clear and concise manner.

This also trickles into our next point which is the power of Facebook Groups

It’s not all about memorisation

The tricky part of Biology is that there’s so much content, and you will often get caught in the trap of trying to memorise it all – which is impossible! Rather than trying to retain as much information as you can, try to remember some examples you can use instead. The same goes for remembering processes which will actually be more helpful to you than just reciting the theory word-for-word in your head and regurgitating this onto the paper of the final HSC exam. Remember, it’s a three hour exam!

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Join Facebook Groups

Not only are Facebook Communities the best way to meet other students who will also sit the 2019 HSC Biology Exam, but you can get your toughest questions answered and gain support from like-minded students, just like you!

You could also create your own group or start a group chat with friends on a smaller scale if joining a huge group with thousands of members just isn’t your thing.

Take a holiday course

Use the Stu Vac to your full advantage and sign up today to our Biology EXP course taking place during the October School Holidays. This is your last chance to prep before the HSC, and make sure that you have covered all the syllabus dot points before sitting the final exam.

Here at Talent, our comprehensive Biology EXP course reviews all the content from the new HSC Syllabus and prepares you for every type of question you will face in the final HSC Exam. You will receive:

Revision of the full course content: One full 3 hour lesson dedicated to revision of entire new Biology course to ensure no theory component has been missed.

3 mock exams replicating the HSC: Practice papers curated on the new (not old) syllabus that best readies you for what you will face in your exams.

Comprehensive solutions review: every exam question will be reviewed with in-depth solutions provided so you know where marks are won and lost.

Click here to find out more about our Biology EXP Course, and start preparing for the upcoming HSC Exam today! Good luck to all students sitting the HSC Biology Exam this year, we hope our tips have been helpful, and will allow you to obtain your desired score.

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