Meet our Year 12 Student, Natasha who comes from Kincoppal Rose-Bay in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Talent's Year 12 Class of 2020: Natasha Ong (Kincoppal-Rose Bay School)

Attending our Talent 100 Chatswood Campus for HSC Economics, Natasha is also a State-Ranker in Mathematics Advanced (1st), Economics (5th), English Advanced (16th) and English Extension 1 (7th).

Name: Natasha Ong

ATAR: 99.95

University Goal: Medicine

School: Kincoppal-Rose Bay School

Were the HSC 2020 Examinations what you expected?

Chemistry was more challenging than expected, and we only had the 2019 paper as a comparison (as well as the new syllabus). It was a lot more mathematical and Module 8-based this year.

The economics extended responses were quite straightforward, and was what Talent 100 prepared us for, so it went fairly well. Some multiple choice questions required a two-step process which was more time-consuming than normal.

The English Advanced questions were a lot more generic compared to the 2019 paper, where the questions had been theme-specific. The format of Module C was a bit challenging in regards to the 20 mark creative writing piece instead of reflective.

Was there anything you wish you did differently?

The onset of COVID and online learning meant that a lot of my exams were delayed or the format was changed. Upon reflection, I wish I utilised that time better to get on top of my work before the rush of Trial Exams.

What do you like most about our Talent 100 Chatswood Campus? 

Talent 100 Chatswood offers a great learning environment which is cooperative, collaborative and very friendly.

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The large, open spaces puts you in the mode to learn. Also, the kitchen was an amazing space to socialise and recharge when it was open!

How did Talent add value to Year 12 and your overall HSC experience?

For HSC Economics, Roland provided quick, thorough and constructive feedback (usually on the same day) which helped prepare me for the Economics exam.

Can you describe the teaching style of our Talent Mentors?

Mentors at Talent are very thorough and provide information beyond the textbook. Regarding Economics, the teaching was very targeted and helped students understand how to structure answers clearly and effectively. 

How have our Mentors influenced your experience at Talent?

Mentors at Talent 100 Chatswood were extremely helpful – it was very reassuring to know someone was there to help and provide assistance anytime I needed it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your favourite class at Talent?

Hard to pick a favourite class! The two classes I took had different teaching styles, but both were very engaging and enriching. Both my Mentors were very thorough, knowledgeable and always around to assist (they were Roland for Economics, and David Sadler for Mathematics).

We are so excited to welcome Natasha as a Mentor at Talent 100 in 2021!

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