Year 7-9 Students: Everything you need to know

Year 7-9 Students: Unlock The Steps To Success

Build the fundamental Maths and English skills to set the platform for your future studies.

If you find yourself in the junior years of high school, you probably think there’s no need to study because what you’re learning now can’t possibly be relevant to the HSC, or improve your final HSC marks, right?

At Talent 100, we can assure you that the work you do now will have a huge payoff in your senior years of high school. A solid foundation in Maths and English is the cornerstone to succeeding in the HSC’s highest scaling subjects.

Why Start Now?

Our foundation courses in Mathematics and English build a solid base so the complex and more difficult concepts can be truly understood in later years.

Mastering Mathematics

Developing strong numeracy will not only enable you to take the higher level of Mathematics (i.e. Mathematics Extensions 1 and 2), it will also provide a platform for you to excel in the other highest scaling subjects of the HSC such as Physics, Chemistry and Economics.

For example, in Physics, you will regularly use mathematical concepts and equations such as Motion (Newton’s Laws); in Chemistry, you will need to perform calculations, and properly balance equations, and in Economics, you will need strong numeracy to perform calculations on concepts such as growth, inflation and unemployment.

Developing strong mathematical skills early can help provide a competitive edge in non-English based courses that can often count for 80% of your final HSC score. As Our Head of Maths, David Sadler (co-author of the Cambridge Mathematics textbooks) often states, “Maths is a subject that takes practice, commitment and mental toughness. There is no such thing as instant gratification in learning the hardest maths.You have to commit to it”.

For students with a strong aptitude for Maths, we recommend they accelerate into an advanced course early on. For Year 7 students, this may mean enrolling in our year 8 Maths Foundation courses. This will provide both the challenge and support these students require, and give an important head-start into the senior years.

Success in English

English is the only compulsory subject in the HSC. It is crucial to excel in English in order to secure a strong ATAR.

Success in English comes when students genuinely understand the texts they’re studying and have developed skills to explain their insights clearly. The best time to establish these skills is in the early years of high school, when students develop bad habits trying to ‘survive’ English by copying and regurgitating content. Without properly engaging with texts and learning how to use language to express opinions, students find it hard to succeed in the senior years of English.

Here at Talent 100, we concentrate on teaching our students how to read and comprehend texts (prose, poetry, drama and video) carefully and then teach skills to enable them to write confidently and expressively. Each term we explore one major pattern of ideas in texts, and through a combination of discussion and written exercises along with the ongoing guidance and feedback of their teachers, students learn to write about the themes studied. This is reinforced through homework exercises which is also marked and returned to students with detailed feedback.

Click here to find out more information to excel in English and our courses design for the Junior Years.

Friendly environment for learning 

Talent provides a welcoming and friendly learning environment for students.

Our mix of experienced teachers and recent HSC graduates create a relaxed and enjoyable community for students, where they can feel comfortable learning out of school.

Our younger Mentors have all achieved remarkable HSC success (99.5+ ATAR) who have graduated from top schools like James Ruse Agricultural High School, Sydney Grammar School, Sydney Girls High School, and so much more. Our Junior courses have been designed to help students become more inquisitive and challenging their basic concepts and have more fun than what’s available in school or at other coaching centres in Sydney.

Click here to find out more about our Year 7-9 courses, and our Year Ahead Acceleration Program which is available for students who wish to learn ahead.

Visit our tutoring centres across Sydney to find out about our course for students:

Burwood: Level 1/52 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134

Chatswood: Level 5, North Tower, 1-5 Railway Street Chatswood NSW 2067

Epping: Shop 24 and Shop 20 (Upper Ground), 74 Rawson Street Epping NSW 2121

Hurstville: Level 3, 12 Butler Road Hurstville NSW 2220

Sydney CBD: Level 10, 225 Clarence Street Sydney NSW 2000

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