High School tutoring options in Term 3

High School Tutoring Options In Term 3: Face To Face & Online Classes

Although we’re back to face-to-face classes this term, online options are still here to stay at Talent! Here’s how we can offer the best tuition which works around you this Term.

Here are some benefits of tutoring with Talent 100 in Term 3:

Live classes from home

When you enrol as a student at Talent 100, you won’t receive pre-recorded classes for subjects in Year 7 – 12.

Every single one of our Talent classes is broadcasted live through Zoom. As a student, you simply need to log on via a Zoom link (we’ll send this to you), at the designated time and start learning.

Students can speak to their Mentor, ask questions and even use the Zoom chat function! This process is quick and easy, and feels like being in a face-to-face Talent class.

Online homework and extra resources

We’ll still be providing weekly online homework structured in an exam-style format with solutions for all online classes. Completing questions is the only way you will reinforce your weekly learning, and excel in your chosen subjects. All content will be submitted and marked online!

If you are a face-to-face student, you will submit your homework as usual.

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Reaching more students

Since all our classes are now online, this means that more students around New South Wales can take advantage of the resources at Talent! We cater to students in Year 7-12 who are studying Advanced English, Advanced Mathematics, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Maths Extension 1 & 2, and Economics.

Group tutorials

If you have additional questions after your class, we encourage you to attend a subject specific Q&A classes, Webinars and 1-1 tutorials so there are no gaps in your online learning.

For face-to-face classes, you will be able to attend your 1-1 tutorials as normal. Please speak to our Student Services team so they can lock in the date and time for you – this is a busy time, especially if you’re a Year 12 student!

Click here to find out more about our online options for Term 3.

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