Name: Joshi Ha

School: North Sydney Boys

Now you have finished the HSC, what is your number 1 tip for students? 

My number one study tip would be to find discipline. With discipline and strong will power only good, positive and productive habits will form. It only takes one day to accomplish if you put your mind to it, but the rest of the days after are all about keeping the momentum.

What did you gain out of tutoring and how would you describe your experience at Talent?

My goal through attending Talent 100 was to fill the gaps in my knowledge through the numerous, thorough resources and extremely capable mentors.

I would describe Talent 100’s learning environment as extremely comfortable and contemporary. Personally, my favourite aspect of Talent 100 is it’s optimisation to provide study areas with minimal distraction. Not only is there free wifi, ergonomic furniture and power plugs around every corner but there’s also soundproofed rooms.

Having content bound in books optimises the efficiency of future studies and revision, especially for modular subjects such as Physics and Biology. To have all the content neatly arranged and separated provided me with a clearer and more refined method of study. 

The holiday programs are extremely helpful if you want to get ahead of the game. As a major positive byproduct these holiday courses force students to devote more time to studies during the holidays and be productive whilst also being able to meet new people that you otherwise would have never met. Trial Preparation courses in the Term 2 school holidays.  These courses would revise the previous term’s modules by covering the content along with practising lots of exam style questions to maximise marks and I feel that these benefitted me a lot with exam revision and preparation.

Who were your mentors and how did they help you?

The teaching styles that my mentors had possessed have helped me in various aspects such as academics, health, wellbeing and general life information. I believe the reason why the mentors had this effect on me was due to their fresh experiences with high school which allowed them to sympathise with students more.

I’ve only had younger mentors and I’ve had no problem with them. In fact, I prefer younger mentors as it’s easier to resonate with them more as a teacher and a person.

Although my Physics and Biology classes were quite different, I still liked both of them because they had aspects that the other lacked. My Physics class was originally composed for NSB students only, and so it became very intensive in a good way. The mentor, Marcus, also knew how to teach in an excellent manner to provide an accelerated teaching on the course without losing any information. On the other hand, my Biology class was taught by the mentor, Alex, and it was a little less intense but that’s perfect for such a dense subject such as Biology.

What are you planning to study in the future? 

Currently, I’m hoping to get into a Computer Science course in university and if suitable, a postgrad Masters in Business Administration.

How would you describe your Talent experience in a few words?

If I could describe Talent 100 in one word, it would be “flexible”. 

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