Name: Nathan Nguyen (Talent student since 2018)

School: Epping Boys

Now you have finished the HSC, what is your number 1 tip for students? 

My number one study tip is being resilient. Throughout your schooling life things aren’t always going to go the way you want them to. For example you may not get the mark you want in an assessment and being able to pick yourself up and keep trying is a really important study tip.

What did you gain out of tutoring and how would you describe your experience at Talent?

When I joined Talent I was aiming to better my marks in my subjects as well as get a head start from other students at my school. Talent helped me achieve these goals through the quality of the teaching they provided which benefitted my learning.

The learning environment at talent is a very friendly and welcoming environment. The best part would be the friends that you make as well as that everyone is there to learn so you aren’t competing with anyone.

I found having the notes bound in a book really good as all the notes for each topic were in one place. Having it one book instead of the individual booklets made it easier to organise as well as made it easier to refer back to when I would be revising for my exams. The notes are really in depth and go into more detail than what the school would or your standard textbook.

I have used the tutorials and have found them beneficial in filling in gaps with my knowledge. By having a one on one environment to ask questions I was able to ask as many questions with not just the content but also the work.

I have also used the holiday programs and found them really helpful in giving me a head start over other students in my school. Sometimes talent will be at a different part of the syllabus from where my school is so by doing the holiday program I am able to catch up to where my school is as well as get a head start.

Who were your mentors and how did they help you?

My chemistry mentor Allan’s teaching style has really helped me with my studying. His method of teaching involves learning the content and then applying it to past HSC questions. I found this extremely effective as it gave me a real taste as to what the HSC questions could ask as well as how they mark.

My physics mentor Craig is a qualified teacher. I found having a qualified teacher like him really beneficial as he had taught the course so many times as well as had marked the hsc course so he knew what exam markers would be looking for in a response. As he had taught the course for so long he knew what the best approach for it was. With exam questions he would break down the question into its individual parts and guide us on how to approach it.

My favourite class at Talent would be my year 12 chemistry class. I’ve known the students in that class since year 11 and really get along with them. My mentor Allan has taught the course so well and it has boosted my marks significantly.

What are you planning to study in the future? 

After completing high school I would like to go into medicine and become a doctor

How would you describe your Talent experience in a few words?

If I could describe Talent 100 in one word I would describe it as unique. I don’t think any other tutoring offers the same quality that Talent does

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