Name: Saniya Sharma

School: Smith’s Hill

Now you have finished the HSC, what is your number 1 tip for students? 

A study technique that worked really well for me this year, was talking out loud through content as if I were teaching it to someone. This works really well for content heavy subjects such as economics and legal studies.

What did you gain out of tutoring and how would you describe your experience at Talent?

By attending Talent 100, I was hoping to solidify and strengthen my knowledge in preparation for the HSC and I think this was definitely achieved. I found myself closing gaps in my learning. Not only is the learning environment at talent 100 driven and motivating, but it’s extremely friendly and welcoming. For me the best part was the academic atmosphere that i found to be incredibly inspiring, yet open enough to freely engage in class discussions.

The notes being bound in a book with a contents page was incredibly useful as everything was tidy and together in one place, allowing me to access notes easily. I particularly found this much more accessible than school notes which are often scattered throughout notebooks and word documents. During my time at talent 100, I utilised a few tutorials, especially when approaching assessment tasks and exam periods. These allowed me to not only gain confidence in my internal assessments but engage in one on one discussions with my mentor that was beneficial in solidifying my understanding of concepts and closing any small learning gaps

Who were your mentors and how did they help you?

My mentors’ teaching styles worked really well for me because I’m both an auditory and visual learner, and both my mentors facilitated discussions and used mindmaps and diagrams to enhance my understanding. I also loved that my mentors went beyond just teaching to encourage me through the past few years, giving me some amazing tips on creating study routines and applying to universities, etc.

One of my mentors is in second-year uni and I found that to be incredibly helpful because not only was she able to connect with my peers and I better, but her relatively recent experience allowed her to share some invaluable tips that helped her throughout the HSC process. However, my second mentor was a qualified teacher and her developed teaching style and understanding was also incredibly supportive in that she was able to explain questions thoroughly and had a teaching method that really fostered an academic environment. 

Economics at talent was definitely my favourite class. The atmosphere created was very welcoming yet focused. It was easy to facilitate in-depth discussions and ask questions. And in this way Talent 100 really helped me build my love for economics.

What are you planning to study in the future? 

After high school, I’m hoping to do a double degree in Laws and Economics and possibly go on to become a practising lawyer

How would you describe your Talent experience in a few words?

If I could describe Talent 100 in one word I would describe it as “Encouraging and memorable”

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