Name: Mylan Do

School: Tara Anglican School

Subjects taken at Talent: Maths Ext 1, 2, Physics, Chemistry, Economics

How would you describe the learning environment at Talent 100 and what would you consider the best part? 

Talent’s learning atmosphere is simply exceptional. It is distinguished by several crucial characteristics that, in my opinion, add to its efficacy and success. To begin with, the tutors at Talent are highly qualified and dedicated individuals. The tools and materials given are also particularly noteworthy, with a range of textbooks, practice papers, and additional resources to ensure that students have access to diverse learning materials. Furthermore, the welcoming and engaging atmosphere at Talent was critical in enhancing the learning experience by instilling a genuine desire for learning.

The customized attention and steadfast support I receive from the instructors has been the best part of learning at Talent for me. Knowing that I have mentors who honestly care about my success has given me newfound confidence in my abilities as a student.

What were you aiming to achieve by attending Talent 100 and how did we help you achieve that?

Talent played an invaluable role in not only helping me improve my grades but also paving the way for a brighter academic future. Prior to enrolling at Talent, I was struggling to reach my full academic potential. Uncertain of my future, I sought assistance to improve my performance and aim for a higher ATAR score, which has considerably helped to extend my job prospects in the medical field. The information made available to me through textbooks, practice papers, and extra materials was one of the greatest advantages of attending Talent. This not only established my comprehension of the material, but also offered the tools I needed to confidently handle increasingly complicated topics. 

I had previously struggled to understand key ideas in Maths Ext 2, Economics, and Chemistry, which left me frustrated and concerned about my academic performance. The dedicated support and expert guidance I received at Talent were vital in closing knowledge gaps and considerably improving my proficiency in these critical disciplines.

How did you find the resources?

Prior to using Talent’s bound notes, I frequently struggled with organizing and remembering the extensive course information. The abundance of material offered in numerous formats made it difficult for me to consolidate and efficiently study essential concepts. 

The bound notes provided by Talent, on the other hand, provided a structured and organized resource that tremendously aided my learning process. I was able to grasp the links between distinct concepts more effectively since related information was conveniently organized into sections. This greater comprehension resulted in better retention and recall during examinations. When compared to my school notes, the bound notes’ simplicity and accessibility aided in streamlining my study routine. The ability to easily discover specific knowledge reduced the amount of time I spent looking for materials, allowing me to devote more time to concentrated learning and practice. This efficiency not only increased my output, but it also established discipline in my study habits.

Have you tried our holiday programs? If so, how did they benefit your learning?

Participating in holiday programs at Talent, such as the Maths Ext 1 course, has been an enriching experience that has aided my learning and academic progress. Holiday programs offer a concentrated period of study that allows for a thorough examination of essential ideas. This intense focus has allowed me to better understand core ideas and principles. I’ve been able to cover a greater amount in less time by scheduling longer, devoted study periods. This acceleration in learning has been particularly valuable in areas that I find challenging.

Have you used the tutorials and if so how have they been beneficial?

Talent tutorials supported my academic pursuit by providing a highly tailored approach in which mentors take the time to learn my specific abilities and discuss areas that require work. For example, I was attempting to write an economics essay in preparation for an approaching exam. My tutor helped me with the organization and content of the essay, which proved beneficial during my exam.  In general, the tutorials created a welcoming environment in which I felt comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification on challenging topics. This has been extremely advantageous in expanding my comprehension of complex ideas and preventing me from falling behind in my academics.

How has your mentor’s teaching style helped you with your studying? (Why did their teaching style work for you?)

The dedicated team of mentors at Talent demonstrated a level of commitment and expertise that exceeded my expectations. Their personalized approach to teaching, coupled with a genuine interest in my progress, created an environment conducive to learning. My mentors, especially in years 11 and 12, are highly experienced and have a thorough understanding of the subjects that they teach.

The mentors excel in communicating knowledge in a straightforward and understandable manner. They have an amazing ability to break down difficult topics into small components, making the content easier for me to absorb and recall. The instructors have taught me useful study techniques and ideas that have improved my learning experience. Learning how to manage my time effectively, take efficient notes, and approach various types of questions has greatly improved my study habits. The tutors’ enthusiasm for teaching shines through in their interactions with students. Their enthusiasm has motivated me to approach learning with the same amount of passion and dedication.

If you had a younger mentor did that help and if it did why do you think it did?

For various reasons, having a younger mentor, such as my economics mentor, has been beneficial in my academic career. A younger tutor who is closer in age to the students fosters a comfortable and open learning environment, making it easier for me to express questions and seek explanation. My economics mentor had completed her HSC the year prior and thus recently studied the same curriculum. This new perspective enables a more current and relevant approach to teaching, which is especially good for economics and aligns closely with the present academic scene.

If you had a qualified teacher as a mentor did that help and if it did why do you think it did?

Having a qualified teacher as a mentor in both my chemistry and maths ext 2 classes was instrumental in my academic journey. A qualified teacher brings a level of expertise that is truly unparalleled. Their extensive understanding of the subject is shown in the clarity and precision with which they explain complex subjects. Qualified teachers also have an abundance of experience in implementing successful teaching tactics, allowing them to accommodate a variety of learning styles. Furthermore, a skilled teacher has excellent classroom management skills. This translates into a well-structured and concentrated learning atmosphere, allowing me to maximize each tutoring session.

Can you tell us a bit about your favourite class at Talent and why.

In all honesty, I find it difficult to single out a favourite class, simply because each class is distinct and engaging in its own right. My educational journey has been enhanced by the camaraderie among my other students and the encouraging environment created by my various tutors.

Can you share your number one study tip?

The most important study tip I have is to actively engage with the material. This entails actively participating in the learning process rather than passively reading. This could include summarizing information in your own words, asking questions, making connections to existing knowledge, and putting what you’ve learned in practice papers to use. Active interaction with the subject fosters a deeper knowledge of the information as well as higher exam recollection.

What are you looking to study next year:

During my time at Talent, I was fortunate to get a well-rounded education that not only prepared me for academic success but also instilled in me a strong sense of purpose. The committed instructors and comprehensive curriculum have been important in developing my interest in the sciences. After finishing high school, I am motivated to pursue a profession in healthcare. The information and abilities I gained at Talent have provided a solid foundation for my endeavor, for which I am very grateful.​​

If I could describe Talent-100 in one word, it would be:


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