Name: Arnav Sood

School: Model Farms High School (joined Talent from year 9 to 12)

Subjects taken at Talent: Maths Adv, Physics

How would you describe the learning environment at Talent 100 and what would you consider the best part? 

Personally, the best part was always how helpful the teachers were.

What were you aiming to achieve by attending Talent 100 and how did we help you achieve that?

At Talent 100, I was aiming to learn the content and syllabus earlier than most people which gave me a better understanding and advantage when it comes to the tests and assignments. 

How did you find the resources?

The Talent 100 books were beneficial as they provided all the detailed information about topics, this was super helpful as I didn’t have to go looking for notes.

Have you tried our holiday programs? If so, how did they benefit your learning?

The holiday programs allowed me to get a head start on numerous topics, especially Physics. This helped me learn and cover more content at a faster pace and a deeper understanding, through this, I was able to utilise the resources provided to maximise my marks.

How has your mentor’s teaching style helped you with your studying? (Why did their teaching style work for you?)

The teaching style of learning the content and then answering the questions on my own allowed me to learn as an individual and solve problems on my own. Through this, the teachers were able to replicate an exam-like condition where you can only rely on yourself. A younger mentor makes it easier to connect with due to similarities in interests and hobbies. It makes it feel like they are your friend which makes it easier to ask questions about content that you don’t understand.

My favourite class was definitely my maths adv class due to the teaching style and the class’s ability to work independently and collectively to solve problems. This was beneficial as I was able to learn about different ways to come to a solution.

Can you share your number one study tip?

  1. Don’t overload yourself with too much work in one afternoon. Relax and plan your entire week, focusing on which days should be allocated and what type of work

What are you looking to study next year:

Astrophysics or research analyst ​​

If I could describe Talent-100 in one word, it would be:


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