Name: Noah S

School: Scots All Saints College

Subjects taken at Talent: Economics

How would you describe the learning environment at Talent 100 and what would you consider the best part? 

Talent 100 provides a distraction-free, engaging, learning environment filled with people who actually want to be there to succeed. Although classes were filled with about 12 people, it seemed like it was one on one with the mentor. For a short 1.5 hour period, so much knowledge could be gained and solidified. The best part was the content was thorough, recent and relevant to current news headlines, providing individual interest and the best responses for exams and assessments.

What were you aiming to achieve by attending Talent 100 and how did we help you achieve that?

Having attended a regional school and being left with no economics teacher prior to starting year 12, it was apparent that my final year of economics would be difficult. Having found Talent’s course and trying a lesson for free, I could see that the notes, teaching and class structure was invaluable, and signed up for the full term. The mentor’s continual support after the lessons finished through assessment task assistance and study was extensive, and allowed for an easier process to achieve the best results possible. Economics ended up being my favourite subject that I enjoyed studying the most and found it the easiest due to Talent 100’s systematic approach to learning the syllabus and extensive support.

How did you find the resources?

In contrary to my hand-scribbled mess, Talent 100 provided the perfect notes, neatly summarised, yet thorough across all syllabus points, allowing for revision to be easy. The physical books were easier to absorb than always looking at a screen. When completing past papers and referring back to Talent’s notes physically and on My Mentor, the answers across all syllabus points that the notes provided was always clear and of full mark value.



How has your mentor’s teaching style helped you with your studying? (Why did their teaching style work for you?)

The Mentor’s teaching style was clear and precise. Not one stone of the syllabus was left unturned, giving me the confidence before my HSC exams that I knew every point of the syllabus and I could answer any question that was asked of me. His style was engaging and simplified the process of learning the HSC Economics course. Our mentor’s experience is impressive, and this was highlighted as soon as I began my first class. He engaged every member of the class, asking questions in a constructive yet corrective way to ensure we were paying attention and by the end of the course, able to put down perfect answers on our HSC papers.

Can you share your number one study tip?

  1. Past papers, past papers, past papers. Practice makes perfect.

What are you looking to study next year:

Continuing my love of economics at university and continuing into a career in business, finance or economics.​​

If I could describe Talent-100 in one word, it would be:


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