Meet Your Talent 100 Mentor: Hattie Liang

Here at Talent we’ve amassed a variety of Mentors which have taught and encouraged our students throughout the years – guiding them through high school and the HSC.

We call our teachers and tutors ‘Mentors’ because they deliver more than simply theory. Talent 100 Mentors are all outstanding achievers, but it’s their passion for teaching and mentoring which matters most. Whilst an exceptional academic record is a must, our Mentors are also chosen for their ability to work with students of all levels and provide the pastoral guidance for future success.

Not only do we want to give thanks to these Mentors who have enriched the lives of many at Talent, but want to share their unique personalities and passions while also inspiring the next generation of high school students to strive for their best.


Hattie Liang



Alma Mater: 

St George Girls High School


Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)


HSC All Rounders: English Advanced, Legal Studies, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Japanese Continuers and Japanese Extension.

First in course for Japanese and Psychology, and Academic Excellence Award in Year 11

First in course for Japanese Continuers and Japanese Extension and Academic Excellence Award in Year 12


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Subjects taught at Talent:

Year 8 & 9 English

Hatties Top 5 Study Tips:

Have a list of what you need to do at all times

Split up your workload based on subject/class

Remember to prioritise time slots in your day for study

Set small, achievable and realistic goals

Stay motivated bu surrounding yourself with people who are just as determined

Fun Fact:

I have a dual citizenship with New Zealand and Australia but I’ve never been to New Zealand.

Click here to view our Talent 100 timetables for Term 4, and enrol in Hattie’s Junior English classes online and at our Hurstville Learning Centre.

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