Meet Our Talent 100 Student: Bridget

While you’re usually used to our staff and mentor blogs, we’ve decided to flip the switch so you can find out more about the students who actually study at Talent 100.

We can share their unique personalities and passions both in and outside of our classrooms.

This week we’ve been chatting to Bridget who is currently in Year 11 and studies at our Chatswood Learning Centre.



Which Talent 100 centre do you study in?


When did you join Talent 100?

I joined Talent in Year 8

Subjects taken at Talent 100:


What are some of your best exam and study strategies?

One thing I learnt from Talent is when you are in an exam, it is very important to time yourself and stick to it.

For example, if you have a one mark question in a paper you would write one minute next do it, and even if you haven’t finished it in one minute, you have to move on to the next question. Otherwise, you could end up getting stuck on that question, and then missing out on extra marks you could be getting.

Once you have gone through the entire paper on that strict time frame, then you can go back and fill in all the things you are missing out on, or write down the answers that you didn’t finish before.

Is that something you learnt from just studying at Talent 100?

I ask the Mentors about study strategies, and this is one that I have heard a lot about. When I tried it out, it was pretty helpful because my time management isn’t great.

Can you share any other exam strategies which have helped you?

A few years ago when I was in Year 8, my Mentor Callum said ‘once you learn something at school, do the homework and look at it one week later to re-solidify the knowledge‘, and that way it will actually stick with you for much longer.

As opposed to doing the homework just once when you are likely to remember how to do it, then how are you supposed to remember it in an exam?

If you repeat the work over and over again, reinforcement is a really good strategy.

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Have you tried our holiday programs, how did they benefit your learning?

I think I have done it twice.

I did one revision course last term where we went through everything during the last few months and that did help because of COVID-19, which was really hard on me and my learning. I found it hard to pay attention because usually when you’re sitting in a classroom in the front window, it’s really hard not to pay attention. Whereas during COVID-19 I would walk around or just sit in bed, and I ended up missing out on a lot of content.

During the revision course at Talent, it ended up being a lot more intensive for me because I had to jog my memory so I didn’t miss out on anything and that was really good.

I also did one in Year 8/9 and there would also be group tutorials where I would spend all my time studying for school and asking questions, and that was really helpful as well.

What are your career aspirations after completing high school?

I had a lot of trouble deciding, but I feel like if it’s possible I really do want to pursue a career in Psychology, because it’s something I am really interested in. It isn’t really related to what I do at Talent – I just do Maths because I feel like doing Maths is important for the HSC and doing well! I am a Science person so this is something I’m interested in.

If you could describe Talent in one word, what would it be?


A three hour class is brain-melting. There is a lot of content and Talent is quite strict in terms of exams. At school it’s usually 50 minute periods, but here it is three hours straight of learning.

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