Only one more term left until the HSC starts, how should you prepare?

Year 12: HSC Resources In The July School Holidays

The July School Holidays are an important time for Year 12 students – they are a time to revise, rest, reflect on the year that was 2020, and persevere before the final term of school begins.

We’ve compiled a few tips from our high-achieving Year 12 students from 2019, and let you know how we can help with our July School Holiday programs to get your ready for upcoming assessments and the Trial HSC:

Essay writing

For many students, essay writing is still something they struggle with. We recommend going back to basics and learning the structures of a Band 6 essay. Not only will this help you with your overall essay writing skills, but it will make you a succinct and eloquent writer in all of your theory-based subjects such as English, Economics, etc.

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Learn one term ahead

If you are looking to learn all Module 8 content in the July School Holidays, then we highly recommend participating in our beloved Fast Forward Holiday courses which will be running online for your convenience!

The Fast Forward program allows Year 12 students to do the bulk of their learning in the holidays, and complete Module 8 content before your school covers it. By the time you need to learn the content at school – you’ll already know everything! This means that you can take the time to revise, rather than to learn the content from the beginning.

Our Fast Forward courses are currently available for the Sciences, which include: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Click here to find out more, and register for July.


Taking the time to revise during the July School Holidays is one of the best ways to revaluate all of the content for each of your subjects. Writing notes, watching videos, teaching a friend and using past papers helps to reinforce your learning and tackle your weaknesses. Rather than focusing your time on content that you have mastered, take this opportunity to focus on subjects and themes that require your attention.

Trial HSC Preparation

At Talent 100, our July holiday short courses are the perfect way to revise the whole syllabus and prepare for your trial exams. Our revision and mock papers replicate the types of questions you will face in your upcoming assessments and Trial HSC examinations.

All Trial HSC subjects will be offered both in our Chatswood Learning Centre and online (with the exception of Advanced English) so you can take advantage of our courses regardless of where you live in New South Wales!

Our Trial HSC subjects include: Advanced English, Advanced Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Economics. Click here to find out more about our crash courses, and enrol for the July School Holidays with Talent 100.

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