School and tuition has changed – this is how we can adapt to learn online from home

Study Tips For High School Students In Self Isolation

With so many changes happening in the world right now, school and tutoring will have to grow and adapt to meet the needs of both teachers and students, and keep everyone safe. If you’re currently in self-isolation, studying from home or quarantined, we’ve asked our Talent Mentors and Students for some of their best study tips when it comes to teaching yourself from home and keeping on top of everything.

Planning is essential

Now is the best time to commit to a daily study plan which will help to outline the day ahead for you. We recommend planning the night before, this way you will know exactly which tasks and subjects you will need to focus on. You also won’t be wasting time in the morning trying to plan the day – it’s already been set for you! Implement your own home-study routine with the help of daily planners and schedules to keep you on track.

Limit your time on social media

Okay, this one might seem impossible, but you need to trust us! Unless you don’t need your phone, it’s best to put it on Airplane Mode (with WiFi turned off) unless you actually need to use it. The temptation will always be there if you’re working off a desktop computer or a table, but taking away your phone is eliminating just one extra distraction that you just don’t need.

Give yourself school breaks

There’s nothing wrong with getting up and stretching your legs while you’re at home, just don’t give into temptation and make your recess and lunch breaks longer than they need to be. We recommend sticking to your usual lunch breaks and in a similar time frame – you will find it easier to stick to this routine.

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Stay as active as you can

Just because you cant go to school, doesn’t mean your physical activity should also suffers. Many of our Talent students and current Mentors suggest that physical exercise is a great way to balance your study. Commit to a workout in your room, go for a walk in the park, or simply just study outside (if the weather allows) and you’ll notice both a change in your mood and study levels!

Study with your friends

You might be physically apart from your friends, but online we are actually more connected than ever! Allocate a time during the week to have a Skype study session with friends, where you can recap the topics in a particular subject, quiz each other and simply just stay connected.

Online channels

There are a number of online channels which help to supplement your learning and keep your mind fresh during self-isolation. At Talent 100, we have our Talent Teaching Series for Year 11  and Year 12 Chemistry, which is free and available online now! Click here to check out the series with our Academic Director and Talent Mentor, Dr Nikhil Vasan.

We have also made all our tuition classes available online for students in Year 7 – 12, so you can study from home with your regular Talent Mentors.

All classes will be streamed live via Google Hangouts and Zoom, and students will be able to ask questions and interact as they would in a typical classroom. We’re also offering 1-1 tutorials available online from Term 2, click here to find out more about developing your e-learning plan at Talent 100.

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