Keeping motivated during the school holidays It’s the awkward divide between when the last term of Year 12 finishes, and when the HSC Exams take place For many, it’s an odd combination of relief and stress, and freedom and restriction. Suddenly, you no longer have the structure of the school day and very few commitments; […]

Name: Kshirin Rasane School: Chatswood High School Subjects taken at Talent: English Adv. Biology, Chemistry How would you describe the learning environment at Talent 100 and what would you consider the best part?  The learning environment is motivating; you meet other people from other schools that do the same subjects as you, so you get to see different […]

The later years of high school, and in particular Year 12, can seem daunting. When confronted with the increasingly high-stakes environment that is the NSW HSC, it can be tempting to take the common approach of trying to cut out everything aside except study – supposedly, to achieve better results. The thing is, though, the […]

  Over the past few months, we launched our webinar series ‘Breaking down the Year 12 HSC Syllabus’ for a number of subjects including Advanced English, Mathematics, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) and Economics. Together with our Talent 100 Subject Heads, we covered everything you need to know before entering Year 12 and how to get […]

Mentor: Dr Jenny Wells Role at Talent 100: Head of English, teaches Year 12 English Adv Online and authors Talent 100’s resources and exercises. Tell us a bit about yourself: I hold a Ph.D at the University of Sydney in English Literature, as well as Bachelor of Arts (Hons). Professionally, I was the former Head of […]

Mentor: David Sadler Role at Talent 100: Head of Mathematics, teaches Maths Ext I, Ext 2 in Epping and Hurstville and authors Talent 100’s notes, homework and exams. Tell us a bit about yourself: I hold a Bachelor of Science from the University of New South Wales (Double major in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science), Diploma […]

Does the NSW Education System need a refresh? Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the flaws in the Australian education system, and the need to spearhead change If you navigate through the Education Section of the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, or The Australian there are always a plethora of articles and […]