Name: Kshirin Rasane

School: Chatswood High School

Subjects taken at Talent: English Adv. Biology, Chemistry

How would you describe the learning environment at Talent 100 and what would you consider the best part? 

The learning environment is motivating; you meet other people from other schools that do the same subjects as you, so you get to see different standards of academics from other schools. I enjoy the quietness of Talent 100 during the week for studying !

What were you aiming to achieve by attending Talent 100 and how did we help you achieve that?

I believe in already knowing the content before going to school as the best method of learning, so I use talent as a basis to my knowledge, which allows me to use my in school classes as lectures to absorb extra
information or anything that I might have not understood the first time. Then I come back to talent and book tutorials or ask my mentors on anything I’m still lacking as there isn’t always time for such questions at school. This has allowed me to spend more time studying through practice rather than taking my notes down.

How did you find the resources?

I like having all the term notes bound by module as it allows me to skip ahead, depending on how I’m learning at school. It also allows me to look back and I find this very beneficial. I am also less likely to lose my notes. I also use talent booklets as my primary notes as it has everything I need in them already.

How have you used the 1-1 tutorials?

I use tutorials once I have accumulated a lot of questions I’m confused about or on a specific topic I didn’t understand. The one-on-one tutorials allow me to ask as many questions as I need instead of feeling like I’m disrupting other people’s learning during my classes. It is also beneficial because the mentor is different to the class’, so I am able to have another point of view, which may help my understanding.

Have you tried our holiday programs? If so, how did they benefit your learning?

In year 12, my school messed around with the order of modules, so I learnt module 7 before the rest, this
meant I didn’t really have a need to spend a whole term in talent learning the module. So I took a holiday
course. I think it was the most beneficial as I was able to consolidate my knowledge rather than cram a term’s worth of content in 4 days. It allowed me to work on my exam technique rather than the content.

How has your mentor’s teaching style helped you with your studying? (Why did their teaching style work for you?)

Younger mentors work, especially if they recently graduated and they are able to teach the same way they learnt all the content. This means they give extra tips and tricks rather than regurgitating information. I think the mentors who were qualified had a more open personality that allowed them to view the content from the students point of view, making their teaching more effective.

My favourite class at talent would be biology as I am the best at it making it the most fun!

 Can you share your number one study tip?

My number one study tip that worked for me is completing all the content before going to school. I took notes, or took the talent notes (as a yearly student) during the summer holidays before my year 12. This allowed for more time for practice. I also learnt that the best way for me to memorise content was by reading/ learning it once then completing questions based off it, this reinforced the knowledge in my long term memory as I was actively using it.

What are your career aspirations after completing high school?

I would like to be a biomedical engineer and work sepcialifally in research domains.

​​If I could describe Talent-100 in one word, it would be:


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