Talent 100 Mentor
Harry Peters
Teaching Experience
3 Years
School Attended
Marist College Eastwood
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours) majoring in English &
Philosophy at the University of Sydney, Dalyell Scholar

My top 5 study tips

1Sleep! Try to get eight hours every night, I suggest that you maintain a relatively strict sleeping routine e.g. 10pm-6am.

2Exercise! You should be doing strenuous exercise at least five times a week, the time you invest in taking care of your body will help keep you sane and grounded.

3Recognise the actual stakes of your assignments and exams, particularly in the HSC. While doing well may help you get into your dream uni course straight out of high school, your value or likability as a person has absolutely nothing to do with your marks.

4In my discipline (English) the real learning comes from building deep and genuine connections with texts. Making sure that you’re engaging with your readings is a precondition for enjoying or doing well in English.

5Particularly in high school I think we often view learning purely in terms of its instrumental value i.e. getting good marks will help me get into uni. But learning doesn’t just have to be necessary or virtuous, it can incredibly fun and rewarding in ways you won’t anticipate.

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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